Maria Caulfield

Conservative MP for Lewes

Maria Caulfield was born in 1973 to Irish immigrant parents living in Wandsworth, London, where she grew up on a council estate with her father and brother, following the death of her mother from breast cancer during her teens.

Upon leaving school she became an NHS nurse, working in the NHS, later specialising in cancer treatment and becoming a Senior Sister at the Royal Marsden NHS Hospital.

Inspired by the energetic approach that David Cameron had taken in reforming the Conservative image, and concerned by the state that the NHS had been left in following many years of Labour Government, Maria joined the Conservative Party. Maria then stood, and won, a former Labour seat on Brighton & Hove City Council. During this time she held the Housing portfolio, working alongside local residents, other local councillors and construction companies in the Falmer area in order to minimise the impact and disruption of the multiple developments in the area including the BACA academy, the Amex stadium and the A270 Lewes link road.

Encouraged by the positive work that she was able to carry out during her time on Brighton & Hove City Council, Maria then decided that she would put herself forward to become the Conservative candidate for the Lewes constituency ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Once selected, Maria campaigned rigorously on a wide-range of issues, many of which had been ongoing and remained un-resolved during Liberal Democrat Norman Baker’s 18-year tenure as the Lewes MP. 

On 5th May 2015, Maria’s hard work was rewarded, as she swept away the Liberal Democrat MP’s majority of 7,647, and gained herself a majority of 1,083. Upon receiving the result, Maria said “I would like to thank the Conservative Party for choosing a working-class nurse like myself for this seat because very often you hear about politicians not being from the real world and I certainly am."

Work within the constituency started immediately, as the new Conservative Member of Parliament for Lewes started to take to task the mounting concerns – both local and national - facing her constituents.

Maria Caulfield was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Lewes on 8th June 2017 and again on 12th December 2019.. 

Maria is currently a Deputy Whip (DCMS)

Maria Caulfield at Seaford Station

Maria says: "In recent years I have been involved in many local campaigns. From my time as a local councillor during the major development of the Amex stadium where I worked alongside local residents, other local councillors and construction companies in the Falmer area  in order to minimise the impact and disruption of the multiple developments in the area including the BACA academy, the Amex stadium and the A270 Lewes link road.

"In terms of the issues that I feel passionate about, protecting local NHS services is a priority especially with the threat that the downgrading of Eastbourne District General hospital brings for residents in many areas such as Seaford, Polegate, East Dean and Friston. Standing up for rural communities is also key, as is promoting the regeneration of Newhaven and supporting the work of our Conservative councillors in improving access to broadband and mobile phone signals. 

"In my spare time as well as being an owner and shareholder of Lewes Football club, I am a non exec director of the local housing charity BHT Sussex  which helps prevent homelessness in the Sussex area and as the daughter of a farmer I volunteer as an Urban Shepherd, an environmental project which uses sheep and cattle to public graze open spaces .

Although I know many parts of the constituency extremely well, I always look forward to meeting local residents in all parts and working with community and faith groups, local charities and small businesses so please do contact me if there are any issues you wish to discuss or if you want me to come and meet you.




At a meeting last week the local MP, Maria Caulfield, the Parish Council and the Friends of Cuckmere met with The Environment Agency (EA) to work out an action plan to tackle the terrible problems the river Cuckmere has had in recent months with flooding in the winter and dying fish in the summer


Maria Caulfield MP has welcomed over £4 million in government funding for five projects across her Lewes constituency including £1.2 million for a new Maritime & Sustainable Technology Hub in the UTC building in Newhaven.


​​​​​​Maria Caulfield MP has welcomed the announcement that Seaford Head School will benefit from funding to improve school facilities.


Dramatic news came from the Department of Transport this week when they requested a meeting with Maria Caulfield MP and the leaders of plans to restore the Lewes to Uckfield Railway Line following a submission to the Restore Your Railway Fund earlier this year.


Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, is urging residents in the villages along the C7 to be prepared for overnight road closures in June to allow road resurfacing to take place.

LEWES MP ON COVID-19 - Radio interview

Maria Caulfield MP interview on BBC Radio Sussex Discussing the Covid-19 stay at home and social distancing measures

Date of transmission: 6th April 2020


Maria Caulfield MP and neighbouring MP Caroline Ansell are to meet with the roads Minister to request that responsibility for clearing litter from the A27 is transferred from local councils back to Highways England.


Lewes' MP is urging local authorities in the Lewes Constituency to apply to the Government’s Urban Tree Challenge Fund to secure money to plant more trees.