The status quo prevails as the anti-Conservative alliance running Lewes District Council decides against radical promises to re-introduce committee-style systems.

During the local elections last May, many of the coalition members now in control of the authority promised to overturn the Cabinet system of decision making, and were elected on a commitment to bring back the former myriad committees and sub-committees to make decisions.

Just a few months in charge though, and they have changed their mind in a spectacular reversal.

“It is interesting to watch how, once in control, the coalition are keen to retain things pretty much as they were”, said Cllr Isabelle Linington the Conservative Group Leader on Lewes District Council.

Following a brief Governance Review, a new Policy and Performance Advisory Committee replaces the old Scrutiny Committee. The small change may allow more input from councillors into Cabinet decisions although nothing has changed radically. There is the promise of periodic reviews to monitor how things are run.

“All that hot air during the election campaign has ended-up with inaction”, added Cllr Linington. “Suddenly the coalition realise that we were running things democratically and in the most cost-effective way possible.”

A further review is likely in twelve months’ time.