The Prime Minister has ordered an urgent review into the prison sentences of violent and sexual offenders to ensure the public are properly protected from the most dangerous criminals.

  • The review – beginning immediately – will focus on violent and sexual offenders, assessing if their sentences truly reflect the severity of their crimes.
  • It will look at whether we need to change the law so they cannot be let out if they have not served their full time.
  • Finally, it will examine how we can break the vicious cycle of prolific, repeat offenders.

This review forms part of our efforts to crack down on crime, recruiting 20,000 new police officers, creating 10,000 new prison places and increasing stop and search powers. We, like the public, want dangerous criminals kept off our streets, and properly punished for their crimes.


Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced new measures to crack down on crime and reverse the balance of fear, creating 10,000 new prison places and enhancing stop and search powers to make our streets safer.

  • We will create 10,000 new prison places by building new modern, efficient prisons which will provide better opportunities to reform criminals, meaning less re-offending and a lower burden on the taxpayer.
  • We will enhance stop and search powers, giving the police our full support in combatting the scourge of serious violence and keeping people safe.
  • We will publish draft guidance on measures in the Offensive Weapons Act – paving the way for new criminal offences that will help to stop knives and dangerous acids making their way onto our streets.

Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will get Brexit done by 31 October, whatever the circumstances, and get our country back on the road to a brighter future.

  • We want a new deal – one that avoids being trapped in an arrangement where Britain is a rule taker forever.
  • We will throw ourselves into these negotiations with the greatest energy and determination and in a spirit of friendship.
  • Unfortunately, the EU have so far refused to consider making any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement. We hope they will change their mind.
  • If they do not, we will leave the EU without an agreement under Article 50 on 31 October, and we are making all necessary preparations to make sure we are ready.

 Boris Johnson and the Conservatives’ plan to bring the change people voted for.

We will realise the benefits of Brexit and get our country back on the road to a brighter future by:

  1. Getting Brexit done by 31 October – no ifs, no buts.
  1. Making sure Britain is prepared whatever the circumstances, as the best way to get a great new deal. 
  1. Making sure people start seeing the £33.9 billion cash and the additional £1.8 billion committed in their frontline NHS services. 
  1. Hiring 20,000 new police officers and giving them the powers to keep our streets safe.
  1. Properly funding our schools so that every child gets more guaranteed minimum funding, regardless of where they live.
  1. Delivering a strong economy to fund the public services we all rely on.