Maria Caulfield MP and neighbouring MP Caroline Ansell are to meet with the roads Minister to request that responsibility for clearing litter from the A27 is transferred from local councils back to Highways England.

Many residents have contacted Maria Caulfield to highlight the huge amounts of litter on the sides of the A27 from drivers throwing rubbish out of their cars. However Lewes District and Wealden District Councils have stated that the current system is not working for them as they need to wait for the road to be closed, for example during road works, for litter picking to take place.

When there are road closures and litter picking can take place it results in dozens of bags of rubbish successfully being collected, but this builds up again during the period between road closures.

Maria Caulfield and Caroline Ansell are now joining together to meet with roads Minister, Baroness Vere, to give responsibility for the clearing of litter on the A27 to Highways England, who are already responsible for the road and its upkeep.

Maria Caulfield MP said: “Having been in correspondence with several local action groups, myself and neighbouring MPs are meeting with the roads Minister to see if the authority to clear the A27 can be transferred back to Highways England.

"Both LDC and WDC have said the current arrangements are not working for them in terms of depending on road closures to clean up the highway and we are hopeful of a positive outcome so we can improve the appearance of this stretch of road.

"Anything that can be done to encourage people not to dispose of litter and rubbish out of their car windows would be hugely beneficial.”

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell said “It is very important to our local residents and for visitors that the roadside along this stretch of the A27 is cleared and kept clear; this is a beautiful part of the county blighted by rubbish. Currents arrangements are not working and we need to cut through the bureaucracy.”

Maria Caulfield MP is pictured at the A27