Lewes' MP is urging local authorities in the Lewes Constituency to apply to the Government’s Urban Tree Challenge Fund to secure money to plant more trees.

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) has been developed in response to HM Treasury releasing £10 million in the 2018 Autumn Budget announcement for planting at least 20,000 large trees and 110,000 small trees in urban areas in England.

Successful applications to the urban tree challenge fund will see Government money provided to local authorities to help with urban tree planting and Maria Caulfield MP is now calling on local councils to apply to the fund to replace lost trees and if possible go further by planting even more.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Not only are trees a vital tool in combating carbon emissions but they also add to the look of our urban streets making them look much more aesthetically pleasing. Many residents have contacted me upset about the loss of so many trees in their roads.

"The urban tree challenge fund will be a great opportunity for local authorities to replace those trees lost to elm disease and plant even more. I will be contacting local authorities with further details and am encouraging to apply.”

Maria Caulfield MP is pictured with a beech tree sapling