Maria Caulfield MP is urging East Sussex County Council to press ahead with changes to junctions on the A259 at Bishopstone following another car crash.

The County Council recently pledged to carry out a further study to determine the best course of action to improve the safety of the area, but following yet another car crash on the stretch on road Maria Caulfield MP is urging East Sussex County Council to make a decision on a course of action and to bring it forward as soon as possible before there is a fatality on the small stretch of road.

The dangerous area in question covers junctions along the A259 with Bishopstone Road, Hill Rise and Marine Parade, where traffic pulling out of these roads do so on to a busy 50mph road.

Maria Caulfield MP said “There are often crashes at these three junctions on the A259 near Bishopstone making it a very dangerous area as traffic pulls out on to a busy and fast road. East Sussex County Council need to put together a plan and put it in to action as soon as possible. Seaford residents are taking their lives in their hands pulling out on to the A259 from these three junctions, and with the number of crashes we see, it won’t be long until we sadly see someone killed.”

“Seaford residents need something done and I would urge the County Council to listen to their concerns.”