Maria Caulfield MP has written to the Prime Minister to support Alzheimer’s UK’s proposed Dementia Fund that would improve care costs for those living with dementia across the UK.

With 70% of care home places occupied by people with dementia, and 60% of people receiving homecare having dementia, the funding of dementia care needs to be addressed by the Government. With the White Paper on Social Care again delayed Maria Caulfield MP has backed the approach proposed by Alzheimer’s UK that would ensure people are not having to spend everything that they have on social care costs.

Individuals above the means test threshold with more than £23,250 in assets, because they might own a house, are paying hundreds of thousands of pounds and there is no limit to how much you might have to pay for care.

Maria Caulfield MP said “As a nation we are living longer lives but with old age many people face some type of dementia and will require either care at home or residential care. Many older people who have paid tax all of their lives face having to spend their entire life savings and sell their home to fund care for themselves or a partner. This is why I have written to the Prime Minster to support Alzheimer’s UK’s call for a Dementia Fund that would improve this situation for thousands of older people across the country.”