Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has achieved another year of additional funding from the Government for local schools in her constituency, with average per pupil funding set to increase to £4,209 in primary schools and £6,374 in Secondary schools.

Maria Caulfield MP has been lobbying the Government, including the new Education Secretary and Chancellor, to get additional funding for local schools in Lewes. The new Conservative Government has listened to these calls from Maria Caulfield and others to increase school funding across the country with a pledge from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to invest an extra £14 billion in schools.

This funding boost will now be seen on the frontline by pupils in Lewes as figures provided to Maria Caulfield MP by the Education Secretary show every school in Lewes is set to get a per pupil funding increase. The school that is set to benefit the most from the additional funding is Firle Church of England Primary School which is set to receive an 11.42% increase in per pupil funding.

Maria Caulfield MP said “I am so pleased that the Education Secretary has listened to my calls for increased school funding across the Lewes constituency. Every school in Lewes is set to receive an increase in per pupil funding, with average per pupil funding set to increase to £4,209 in primary schools and £6,374 in Secondary schools. This will make a real difference to local schools and enable teachers to give pupils the best education possible.”

“Many local people are concerned about education funding and I am delighted to be able to deliver for the people of Lewes on this issue.”

Caption: Maria Caulfield MP with local parents campaigning for school funding increases

Notes on the funding figures:

These figures are notional, demonstrating what schools attract under the National Funding Formula. In 2020-21, local authorities remain responsible for determining schools’ final allocations through a local formula, using the total funding they receive through the NFF for schools in their area.

However, in 2020-21 local authorities must allocate the minimum per pupil funding levels, ensuring that every primary school receives at least £3,750 per pupil (on the path to £4,000 the year after) and every secondary receives at least £5,000 per pupil. In future, we intend to move to a system in which the national formula directly determines the allocations that schools receive.

It is important to note that the school allocations shown here are for funding for 5-16 year olds in mainstream schools; special schools and alternative provision are not included as they are funded separately.

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