What is the Conservative Party doing for women? Well, we believe in equality and that means gender equality. 

That is why we are taking action to make sure that all women have the opportunity to succeed and that no woman is left behind.

Getting more women into work

9. The rate of women in work is at a record high.

8. We introduced gender pay gap reporting so companies have to say if they are paying men and women different amounts.

7. And now the gender pay gap is at a record low.

6. Changes to the State Pension mean over 3 million women will receive an average of £11 more per week by 2030.


Women's economic empowerment

5. We are investing £5 million in returnships, helping women back into work after long career breaks.

4. And we are helping to fund the most vulnerable women return to work when they are ready, with a £600,00 fund.


Protecting the most vulnerable women and girls in the UK

3. We have published the landmark Domestic Abuse Bill to protect women and girls; formally defining for the first time the many forms of abuse and providing greater support for victims in the court system.

2. Over £100 million of funding is committed between 2016 and 2020 to tackle violence against women and girls.


And supporting women and girls around the world